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Cornerstone Assembly

Cambridge, Dorchester County, Md.

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Current Needs Of
Cornerstone Assembly

Assistant Pastor (non-paid)

I, myself, was an unpaid AP at the Assembly of God in Bentleyville, PA in the mid 70's. All I desired was the experience. Perhaps there is someone else that would like to gain experience. Please contact us if you feel God leading in this direction. Click here for details on this opportunity.

Gospel Tracts

If you have Gospel tracts lying around that you feel may not get out in your area please mail them to us! By Gospel tracts we mean evangelical leaflets and booklets presenting salvation by grace alone. It does not matter if they are pre-stamped with another church's address, - we can take care of that matter at this end.

Pentecostal Evangels

All Pentecostal Evangels (GPH) PRIOR TO AUGUST 2001 that are not torn, cut or badly damaged. If there are personal address labels on them we can black them out before giving them out.

Biblicaly Solid Pentecostal Literature

Must conform our Basic Statement of Fundamental Truths. Literature dealing with marriage or the pulpit must adhere to the Biblical truth that remarriage after divorce with a former companion still living is forbidden and is adultery, that the Pastor ( Bishop )/ Deacon is to be the husband of ONE wife ( not remarried after a divorce with former companion still living ), shuns worldly terminology. Literature needs to steer clear of ecumenicalism including references to the Roman Catholic Church and nominal "Christian" groups that make these friends of ours out to be as born again Christians en masse.


It is rare that Pastor Macinta is unable to schedule a missionary. We will move our events around to free up a service for any bona fide missionary. It will be good to note that our mid-week service is on Thursday nights, and, if you are a Missionary, you may wish to come on that weekday, freeing up your Wednesday for a service elsewhere. Our people are eager to hear from and to pray for Missionaries.


Pray for more souls to be saved. Pray that the church would grow spiritually, numerically, and financially. Pray that the pastor can soon go full time. In 2000, the Assembly reached above 50% in its' ability to salary Pastor Macinta full time. Pray that Pastor Macinta walks close to God and obeys the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Financial Donations

These would further boost the ability of the church to support a pastor full time. Please send contributions in the form of a postal money order or cashier's check to Cornerstone Assembly, 1405 Race Street, Cambridge, MD. 21613

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