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Cornerstone Assembly

Cambridge, Dorchester County, Md.

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Pastor Pete and Dorcas (alias Sis. D)
Pastor Pete and Dorcas ("Sis. D")

Thank you for visiting our web site! Cornerstone Assembly is an independent Pentecostal work meeting in Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland. We are an inter-racial congregation of worshipers increasing numerically and progressing spiritually.
As a Pentecostal work, we cherish the true moving of the Holy Spirit in our services, glorifying God and based on the Holy Bible.

How We Are Different From Other Groups
Most churches, not all, today act like businesses and other human institutions. While there is much that can be learned from organizations, Christians are sometimes influenced by worldly attitudes which affect their view of how a local church should operate.
As an independent work, we are striving to be the body envisioned within the New Testament, avoiding within ourselves church politics and the idea that a local body should be run by "people" and act like a business. As a result, we don't have a church staff or board. Instead, councils will make decisions, and we will do our best to listen to the Holy Spirit.
Externally, since we are an independent work and therefore are free from denominations that are becoming more like the world and/or are yielding to ecumenicism.
Also, we are not registered as a "non-profit organization" or any other such thing that requires a charter.

A Rare Distinctive
As we read 1 Timothy 3:2 and related passages, we see that a pastor or a deacon is to be the husband of one wife. We also read that that remarriage after divorce is adultery (Luke 16:18) which concurs with other passages that divorce documents, nor the will of the partners, dissolves a marriage.
While remarriage after divorce is certainly forgiveable, neither divorce documents or the grace of God dissolves a marriage. Only physical death does.
While we will not place into the office of pastor or deacon one who marries another apart from their other spouse who is still living, those who know Christ and understand this truth of Holy Scripture are placed in other ministries.

Please Look At Our Beliefs
While we are very similar in belief to many other fundamental Pentecostal groups, if you follow the link to our beliefs you will see that we have a very strong statement on the deity of Christ. We also have a strong and comprehensive statement of belief on marriage.

Other Points
The Word of God is brought forth not in the usual "church" setting, but one more conducive to teaching and study.
Children of all ages are allowed in our main services. Their presence is encouraged. We have no "junior church." There are ways for parents to have children with them during services and we would be glad to guide you in this matter.
Our pastor believes in the laity being actively involved in ministering, and opportunities for ministry abound for those that are willing and are qualified. Avenues for external ministry are available all the time. Training is offered for various levels.
We are committed to missions, both foreign and home missions. At least one tenth of the church income goes toward missions.
If you are driving through, drop in and enjoy a service with us. If you plan to move to or near Cambridge, MD., consider being part of this GROWING assembly. We currently may not have all the groups the bigger churches have, but you can still be part of this exciting growth. Indeed, you will be welcomed, because, with Christ as the Cornerstone, EVERYONE fits in!

Here is Article VI of our proposed Constitution:

Article VI - Prerogatives

The prerogatives of this assembly shall be:

A. To execute its purposes as set forth in Article IV of this assembly's constitution.
B. To provide a basis of fellowship among Christians of like precious faith.
C. To establish and maintain groups and institutions as may be necessary for the propagation of the Gospel and the work of this Pentecostal fellowship.
D. To approve scriptural teachings and practices, and to disapprove unscriptural teachings and practices. A list of disapproved doctrines and practices is set forth in the Bylaws.
E. To have the right to own, hold in trust, use, sell, convey, mortgage, lease, or otherwise dispose of such property as may be needed for the prosecution of its work.
F. To issue, and maintain oversight of, certifications and credentials as needed.
G. To establish a theocratic form of church government, which includes the establishment of a judicial system as described in the New Testament.

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