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Until one truly becomes saved, knowing Christ as their personal Savior, the treasures of God's Word are hidden to one's heart. It is only when we ask God to forgive us of being sinners, and commit ourselves to Christ that we then know the Author of the Bible.

Have you really, purposefully, given your life to Jesus Christ? If not, ask God to forgive you of your sins (we all sin) and ask Jesus to come into your heart, your life, to rule and reign. If you do in that part because coming to this site, please let us know!

As you look at what is offered here, we trust that you will find something that will be a blessing to you. In the future, we will be adding more articles as time permits.

In addition to the general devotional topics listed below, we plan to have an area titled "What To Do" and one that deals with some deep theological thought.

"What To Do" will give Scriptures that shed light on God's way of doing things in certain situations.

The thought occurred to me to have a "How To" section. However, much of the devotional material list below would cover that area.

Below the following index you will find sermon outlines, sermon outlines with some detail, Bible studies, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek word studies, and other items by various authors.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles are by Pastor Pete Macinta.

General Devotional Index:

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in Water

Brotherly Love


Loving God






Spiritual Warfare

Brotherly Love

Four Dimensions of Fellowship


Lord Of All

P e a c e

God's Sheltered Flock- Geared to comfort the soul. Originally preached at Eagle Mills A/G, NC.

Spiritual Warfare

Giant Killing-This well know story of David and Goliath is full of powerful truth in the realm of Spiritual Warfare!

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