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Cornerstone Assembly

Cambridge, Dorchester County, Md.

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Navigating This Site

First, let me say thank you for visiting this site of Cornerstone Assembly (Independent Pentecostal) of Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland. I trust that you will find the information throughout the site helpful.

New to this site as of the summer of 2004 is that all pages are now color coded. For example, the navigation box at the top of this page is bordered in yellow, indicating the page came under the group "About Cornerstone". That group, as you see above, is set off from the others with dashes on both sides of the group title. Index pages for each group will have a border on the left side of the page that matches the color of the group.

New Grouping Of Pages
I perceived, that as time would progress, the front page of the site would become more cluttered. Therefore, the site has been condensed to a set of seven main index pages.
  "Want To Go To Heaven?" (titled throughout most of the site as "Salvation"), Missions, and "Schedule" retain their own grouping, with Salvation highlighted in aqua, Schedule in lime or light green, and Missions in dark green (for go!). I could have placed Schedule under "About Cornerstone", but I feel that when people come to a church site, the schedule should be quite readily accessible. The page with the directions to the current meeting place of the church falls under both the Schedule index and About Cornerstone index.
  The Welcome page now comes under About Cornerstone along with the Needs page. Galleries, Church History, Its' Home Location, and a FAQ page. These, and other pages have been, or will be, added. Also new is a Contact Cornerstone page where people may type in prayer requests.
  A new addition includes Beliefs, Policies, and More, the color code for it being red on index pages for the side border and pale red for top navbars. This section had to be included because I felt led of God to remove the church from the Assemblies of God and declare it an independent Pentecostal work. In reality, and I say this with respect to the AOG fellowship, they have gradually ceased from what they were as AOG. So it is my respectful opinion, along with others, that the AOG has left us, we did not leave the AOG. Regardless, I strongly feel any independent church needs to be up front with what they believe. Usually one can get a basic idea, if they are knowledgeable, of what a church believes when one hears the terms Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, and so on. Grant it, the subheading for Cornerstone Assembly is Independent Pentecostal, but to me, if I wanted to attend a church, that phrase is not as definitive as I would like it to be. Pentecostal folk have a wide range of positions on various doctrines. Some, not us of course, assert you must speak in tongues to be saved.
  Administration, with a blue border, is added. Information from the pastor/s (Council of Elders) and hopefully in the future The Pastoral Council, which would include deacons / deaconesses.   A bright addition is Riches For You, bordered in purple having the Majesty of God in mind. I wanted to place articles on the site that would be a blessing to the whole body of Christ.

Side Navigation Bars
  Some time ago I came to the conclusion that side navigation bars, though to me they look great, are not the best for printing out information. So, at this site, only the seven index pages will have a side navigation bar. Also, except for the Contact Cornerstone page, church access information is not shown at the top of non-index pages to avoid clutter.

Font Sizes
My! What big fonts I use! I know many people think that small font sizes look neat, and I must agree, they do look nice. However, in pages that I create, I prefer that everyone, including those like myself who are visually impaired, to be able to read what is there, including those who are not computer literate and may not know how to increase font size. So, when I make a page, it is usually read with ease.

Usage Of XHTML - CSS
As of around 2002-3, all web pages that I have created have been in Extendable Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in use. Web pages are geared to be best viewed in newer browsers. They were tested in the summer of 2004 in IE6, Netscape 7, and Opera 7.01, with an OS of Windows 98 or 95. (I do not have any other OS to test the pages on). Regardless, the text should be readable in older browsers. I avoid Flash and other similar programs so as many people as possible can view the text at the least, and find the pages easy to load. Along that line, I have ceased using Java programs. Though I really like what Java can do, it seems to me there are bad side effects on some browsers. A favorite of mine was the hover glow class, but basically the same effect can be achieved in CSS. If anyone encounters difficulty in viewing these pages, please contact me at, and let me know what page or pages is/are giving you problems, along with what browser you are using and your OS.


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