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Beliefs, Purpose, and More

I. Reason For Being

  Statement of Purpose

II. Beliefs

  Basic Statement of Fundamental Truths

  Printable Basic Statement of Fundamental Truths

  Statement Of Fundamental Truths
Our full Statement of Fundmental Truths can be acquired entirely in printable form. By printable, we mean there is no artwork and no links. You will have two choices below. One opens a new window and the other does not. The latter option is for those computers that have a pop-up blocking function that might prevent another window opening. If you use that latter option, you will have to use your brower's back button to come back to this page. This document contains well over 6,000 words and may generate 9 or more pages.
Statement of Fundmental Truths in printable form - opens new window
Statement of Fundmental Truths in printable form in this window.
    Our full Statement Of Fundamental Truths is extensive, and is broken down in the following sections, and subsections. At the end of each grouping there will be other links such as, why is this important, some questions answered, some objections answered, comments, and errors to be wary of.

  1. The Inspired Scriptures

  2. The One True God

    A. Terms "Trinity" and "Persons" defined

    B., C. Distinction, Relationship, Unity

    D. Identity, Unity, Interaction, and Cooperation in the Godhead

    E. Human Comprehension Of The Godhead

    F., G., H. "Immanuel", and the Titles Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

    I. The Son is the only Mediator

    J. Deviation from the Doctrine of Christ in derivation of title

    K. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

    L. Retention Of Deity In Earthly Ministry

    M. Other Scriptural Declarations about Jesus Christ

    N. Disposition of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in relation to the Godhead

    O. P. The Deity and Person of the Holy Ghost(Spirit)

    Q. The Image Of, And Purity Of The Godhead

  3. The Origin and Fall of Man

  4. The Salvation For Man

  5. Sanctification (Holiness)

  6. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost (Spirit) and the Charismata

  7. Divine Healing

  8. Marriage And Family

  9. The Ordinances of the Church

  10. The Church and Its' Mission

  11. The Ministry

  12. The Blessed Hope

  13. The Millennial Reign of Christ

  14. The Final Judgment

  15. The New Heavens and the New Earth

III. Policy

IV. Government


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