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S c h e d u l e | D i r e c t i o n s    Mail: 1405 Race Street, Cambridge, MD. 21613
      410-228-3728      Pete Macinta, Pastor      410-228-5812


The Council Of Elders

  Pastor Pete Macinta

The Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is to be comprised of the pastors (elders) and the deacons of the Assembly.

The Collective Council

The Collective Council is to be comprised of official members of this Assembly declared eligible to render decisions depending upon the issue according to the Constitution, By-Laws and/or the Directives Of Standard Operation (DOSO).
There will be four levels of membership, the top three having the right to participate in all decisions needed to be brought before this council. Levels below these three will be able to participate in decisions only as directed by the governing documents of this assembly.
Though the word "vote" is not found in the Holy Scriptures it conveys the same thought as choosing (Acts 6:1-7), and is a form of choosing. However, we refrain from using the word "vote", because worldly perspectives tend to attach to our minds through use of that word.


General Comment

Those desiring to officially join Cornerstone as a member should keep in mind that in regard to government, God's perfect desire is that He be Ruler. Members should permit themselves to hear from God, and be governed by the written Word of God.

Though the word "vote" has been used above, members should realize that we are part of the Church, the Body of Christ, of which Christ Himself is the Head. Government in the Body of Christ is not, and should not be, the same as governments outside the Church. The Church is not the PTA, the local fire company, or any other such organization, nor is it a business!

We have no "deacon board", "board of directors", or "board of trustees".

Qualifications for official membership will be discussed with the congregation, and hopefully will be established by the end of 2008. Definitely the requirements will include that candidates for membership be truly born again, have read and agreed to the Constitution and By-laws of Cornerstone Assembly, will tithe, will have been baptized in water, will have received or are earnestly seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (Spirit), pursue holiness, and assign absolute loyalty alone to Jesus Christ. The Constitution of the assembly will contain the complete Statement of Fundamental Truths.

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