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I Dare You!

by Pete Macinta

The following commentary is only for those Assembly of God people that know, but have done very little about it, that the stance of the 49th General Council was wrong in regard to permitting anyone divorced and remarried to be credentialed, and thereby under the AOG system, eligible to hold the office of pastor.

If you know in your heart that the AOG has taken the wrong direction, then why not do something about it?

In addition to fasting and praying, here are some things you can do:

You can form an internet group to help things turn around or join an existing one, Reclaim. However, I warn you now, Reclaim hasn't done much as a group. Maybe God will use you as a catalyst. I started Reclaim, worked diligently to establish a resourceful website, presented suggestions to the group as to what to do, but - no action. In fact, there are two or three who have joined for false reasons. But, maybe YOU can make a difference. I have debated as to whether or not to liquidate Reclaim, but I will not for these two reasons: (1) Give AOG brethren an avenue to work towards reversal of unbiblical policy and (2) sorry to say, if nothing happens, a long term testimony of what could have been, and a testimony against those who should have stood up and taken action.

You can draft a resolution to define marriage and present it at the next General Council. Understand that with the action of the 49th General Council that apparently many AOG people think that divorce actually terminates a marriage, and there is not one shred of Scripture that divorce dissolves a marriage. In one aspect, in some minds, apparently the grace of God can wipe out a marriage.

You can draft a resolution to revert back to the standards prior to 1973 for the pulpit and performing weddings. That, of course, would go under the by-laws of the AOG, so a simple majority vote, as far as I know, can send it back the other way.

Another option would be so see if the AOG credentialing system can be changed in a way that only those Biblically qualified to hold the office of pastor will do so. In other words, there can be a certain class of credentialing for the pulpit.

You may say, "It's not an issue for me." Then I would say you do not need to be in the pulpit at this time. The action of the 49th General Council has MANY devastating results. And you know the truth and won't lift a finger to bring about change?

None of the above does much good unless there is a heart change in the AOG to return to Scriptural standards. The credentialing of the divorced and remarried with a companion still living is only one of a few areas where the AOG has left Scriptural standards. For example, portions of the AOG fellowship actually think the Roman Catholic Church does not adhere to salvation by works. However, those precious people have always done so, and continue to do so. If you research the Vatican itself, you will see that they readily state that the sacraments are needed for salvation.

God bless,
Pastor Pete


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